Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Mission

I have always considered myself a Christian. When I was a young child, I even went to a Christian school. I went to church with my mom every Sunday. I've even been saved and baptised twice. I'm a Christian, right?

A couple days ago my brother wanted to show me something. A video of a pastor who was trying to tell us all something. Whether we call ourselves a Christian, it doesn't actually mean we are living the life the Lord wants us to. I got it. I understood. It spoke to me. It, well.....scared me! I'm not living the life I should. I'm not being a genuine Christian.

I always have faith in God! I know he will always take care of my family and I. I pray, not as much as I should, but when I do, He answers! I know he sees me and knows I'm a work in progress. I'm trying and I ask for him to help me. I need him to take a hold of my life so that I can walk in his ways.

My main issue is, not just myself but my husband. He grew up in a Mormon home as a child. Not a strict Mormon home, by any means but he was baptised Mormon. He however, does not believe in their beliefs but he now is a work in progress for me. He has issues with all religions and it makes it hard for me when I try to get him to open his mind and heart. I pray for him as does my mom, dad and brother.

I also have a young child. I'm not so worried about her.....right now anyway. I talk to her about the Lord. She understands and loves him. I know she does and I know it's genuine. I just need to keep her from being deceived. I know that will be hard but I am on a mission. A mission to saving myself and my family from being left behind!

So this is my journey, my trials and tribulations in finding my faith in the Lord.


Thomas Family said...

That video is awesome! It is the same thing my husband goes into churches allover the country and preaches. Just because we said aprayerfor salvation does not mean we are a Christian. To be a true Christian is to be Christ like. We are in Salt Lake right now and I was reading up on Mormon beliefs .. wow!!! They are not saved!! I am so glad Paul has seen the light and does not believe in their ways anymore.