Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I never like to put things on my car like stickers or anything. I just feel it makes a car not look nice, especially over time, that sticker soon fades.

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I have thought about and liked the idea of getting one of the "NOTW" stickers or a Christian fish or saying to put on the window or as a license plate frame but never wanted to look like a hypocrite to others when I have a "bad" or "angry"moment and falter while driving.

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Then I got to thinking yesterday while I was driving home from work.

Shouldn't it be God that I'm worried about looking like a hypocrite to? If anyone is gonna see when I falter, it's God. Whether or not I have a sticker on my car or not, I can't hide from Him.

It made me realize, I shouldn't care what other people think when I have these "bad" moments. I need to worry about God seeing me act like this.

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I have been a lot better these days. I've learned to "chill" while driving which is why I started thinking "Maybe it's time since I'm behaving myself". It also made me think that my priorities weren't where they should have been either.