Monday, November 17, 2008

What an Inspiration!

Yesterday was Sunday. I always make a point to go to church unless we, as a family have "out of town" plans. As I am working on myself, I have been trying to make it a priority to make it to church every week.

About a month or two ago while at church, Pastor Larry had informed us that the former executive for Capital Records and former manager of Apple Records and The Beatles, Ken Mansfield would be coming to our church to give his amazing testimony, I had to mark my calendar.

Yesterday was the day that Ken Mansfield was at our church and what an awesome service it was. I find it so amazing and refreshing to know that someone that had the job of being the Beatles manager, a record producer to many famous recording artists and who got caught up in the life of this world and the many sinful things about it, was able to find a woman that had the passion for Jesus and was able to open Ken's eyes to the wonderful life He can offer us. It was truly amazing to be able to meet this gentleman. I am also someone who is excited to meet anyone famous and to know his story now and to have been able to be two hand shakes away from one of the biggest bands in the world was awesome!

After the service there was a book signing which of course, I had to purchase the book (pic above) and have him sign. That's when I got my hand shake...hee hee!! I'm just hoping that this opportunity in meeting Ken will give me the opportunity in getting Paul to open his eyes. Unfortunately, Paul didn't join me in going to church. However, apparently there was the SF Bay Area Christian station, KTLN 68 and they will be featuring yesterdays service at some point. I will have to record it and hope I can get Paul to watch it at some point. I will continue to pray for my babe because it scares me to know he is not right with God.