Saturday, September 19, 2009

Change in progress

About a month ago my friend, two of her kids, me and my child all hopped in the car and headed south. Disneyland to be exact.

About a week before we left, she had told me about a radio station, some I'm sure have heard of it, KLOVE. I've never been one to listen to Christian music. It was always Pop, Alternative, Hard Rock, Metal or my Smooth Jazz. Yes, I love a wide variety. I've had a love for Smooth Jazz though since I was about 15 yrs old. In the last several years I've been listening to it more and more because I felt "safe" in God's eyes. It's pleasing to the ears and soul.

THEN, one day on the freeway I noticed one of those advertising signs showing my smooth jazz channel KKSF (in San Francisco) was no longer smooth jazz but classic rock??? WHAT?? I hurried to change the channel cause we were listening to a CD at the time and sure enough, it wasn't my same music. Needless to say, I was so upset!

Which brings me to our trip to Disneyland. We listened to KLOVE just about the whole trip. Sure, we had some CD's like Miley Cyrus and similar but I have really come to enjoy Christian Music. I even have a few songs that I really like. Here are a few if you would like to hear.

Revelation Song by Phillips Craig & Dean

Glorious by Newsboys

City on our knees by Toby Mac

In the hands of God by Newsboys

The lost get found by Britt Nicole

Best part, my daughter enjoys it also!! I hope I have her on the right track!