Friday, July 17, 2009


Prayer [prair] – noun

a spiritual communion with God or an object of worship, as in supplication, thanksgiving, adoration, or confession.


I totally believe in prayer. I try to pray on a daily basis too. Sometimes I tend to miss a day or two and I can sure see the difference in my life when I miss those day. Time to get back on track!

Lately I've been praying more extensively. Praying about not only myself but for my family and friends and for people I was too selfish to acknowledge in my prayers, on a daily basis. When people tell me of situations in their lives that need prayers, I have always been one to say "I'll keep you in my prayers" but I would always be very forgetful when doing my prayers. So lately, when I tell someone that I'll pray for them, I make a point to keep them in my prayers....literally! I have noticed that my prayers are being answered for them also. What an awesome feeling!

These last few days I have been slacking off too. I have noticed cause it seems like the little things are becoming issues in my life so I felt like I needed to get back on track. God needs to know I need him and I need to praise him for all the good he does in my life....because I am truly grateful for all he does for me! So many things that have been happening in my life lately have been bad but have turned out okay and not as worse as it could have been. I am truly grateful for that and it's all because of the good Lord!

So, if you aren't the praying type, give it a try. God is listening! He hears you and knows what you are feeling and what you are going through. If only you reach out to him will he grab onto your hand and guide you.